Herbs and Spice and Everything Nice

Does anyone else besides me have trouble remembering what is what in your garden?
Have you watered an herb too much (and killed it) thinking it was something different?
Ever accidently added cilantro to your pasta instead of basil?
(That last one's probably just me...)
Well, if so, I have just the thing for you.
Because, believe it or not, I have discovered yet another use for chalkboard paint!

I had seen an idea similar to this one before, and just had to try and make my own version.
These garden pots are simple to make, they look really great, annnddd they'll keep you from ever again having to eat Mexican spiced lasagna. HA

Your Supplies:
clay pots
chalkboard spraypaint
painters tape
chalkboard markers

*Using your painters tape, tape over the top portion of your clay pots and spraypaint the rest of each pot with chalkboard spraypaint.
*Allow the pots to dry for a few hours.

*Write the name of an herb (or fruit, or veggie, etc.) on on each pot
*Get planting!

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