I saw my first lightning bug of the season tonight.
I was riding my bike and singing Wicked at the top of my lungs (a given)
and I spotted it. 
and stopped my bike and caught it. 
and wished on it.
and then I let it go and grinned like a wild woman.
Because I love lightning bugs-
I always have.
They remind me of running around my front yard as a child, laughing hysterically.
And I have caught the first one I see each spring for as long as I can remember.

Have I said before that I love this time of year?
In the blink of an eye April seamlessly turned into May, and it is officially beautiful in Washington DC.
Our pace has picked up,
the schedule's packed with adventure, just the way I like it.
and I can only be dragged inside after dark.
it's perfect.

I spent last weekend sailing with great friends~
This is a BiG love.
as in I would willingly accept donations to the 
Buy Jessica a Boat so she Stops Talking about Wanting a Boat fund.
We drove to the Northern Neck and spent the night on our friends' boat. 
We sailed, laughed, read, relaxed, and played Hoopla until the wee hours of the morning (11:00 pm).

My garden is in bloom, and I love it.
While not everything's here,
(always waiting on the lilies...) 
it is bright and colorful, and full of life, and
I created it.
and that feels really good.

It's no secret I love a great wine festival, and last weekend we went to one of the best of the year at beautiful Mt. Vernon.
Owners of 25 local wineries came to the south lawn and popped their corks, 
right on the Potomac River. 
We picnicked by the water, listened to live Jazz and talked for hours.
My kind of night.

Now, while I do love eating crab legs, I have recently learned that I in fact do not love eating whole crabs.
Whiiiich is an understatement.
Because I have one question for you: where's the payoff?!
 I mean the picking and prodding and cracking and cleaning for an insignificant amount of meat that wouldn't feed a small child.
It's for the birds.
If I'd known how it would turn out I'd have cut my losses and gone to Red Lobster.
And it's not like we didn't give it our all.
The set up alone took a good 1/2 hour. 
And don't be fooled by the iPad tutorial and my smiling face-
we had no idea what we were doing, and weren't having tons of fun doing it.
The smile is for my crab companion behind the camera :).
And for Kenzie, of course,
who took it upon herself to dig up a few things I've planted.
Guess she didn't like my placement.
Last but not least, I also love getting a good night sleep, so I better get a move on.
Big day of SOLs (and crying over Oprah) ahead.
Sleep Tight!



Diane and Chad said...

I love these pics..nice job. Your heart shows in your 'loves'...:)

Linda said...

Really terrific photos!!!

Glad to be following you now...

Annika said...

Over here via Little Somethings. Yay for the simple joys of summer!

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