Precisely Flexible

The job description of a teacher should lead with one word:
the ability to instantly change at a moment's notice.

because plans change,
times change,
moods change,
students change,
and that's all before morning announcements have even ended.

But today marked the one week countdown to our 3rd grade standardized tests, and so now is the time
for complete precision.
When we throw 'flexible' out the window and replace it with 'as close as we can get to perfection'
because it really all boils down to this.
(deep breath.)

I actually have it down to a science-
when exactly I turn looney about them.
It happens 2 days from now- the Wednesday before the SOLs begin.
Every year on this day, I sob to my mom on my way home from school.
I go from anxious, to nervous, to full on crying about how sure I am that my students will forget everything I've taught them.
So every year my mom tells me that this is exactly what I said last year
and that last year my students did exceptionally well.
And every year I tell my mom that I know I said this last year, but that this year it's totally  true.

You'd think I'd recognize the pattern and yet the anxiety is blinding.

So here I sit, precisely planning the next 32 hours I have left with my students,
hoping they'll be the flexible ones this year and show me by Wednesday that they do remember.
It sure would save my mom a lot of consoling.

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Diane and Chad said...

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