Annnddd...It's booked!
I'm really doing it- I'm going on an African Safari.
This trip has been #1 on my Life List since, well, I made my Life List.
This one's really b.i.g. 

I started dreaming about going on a safari when I was 15 years old, and I have begged my family to go there for literally every occasion since.
But my mom's perfect safari is Disney's Animal Kingdom.
and my dad's ideal vacation spot is Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.
Sooo...I came to realize that I was barking up the wrong tree.

And even to me, planning a safari seemed like a huge undertaking.
Though I talked about it incessantly, I didn't actually know how to organize this trip.
 I mean~ my original plan of just driving around 'til I found a lion didn't even sound good in theory.

But this past winter I started talking through it with my friend Sabrina again.
and after months of searching for a tour that seemed like the perfect fit, we found one.
the one.
we found it and booked it almost in the same breath.
and now we just have to wait for July.
we'll make the 16 hour trek to Cape Town at the beginning of the month.
we'll spend half of our time there, exploring the city, vineyards, and beaches.
from there we'll fly to the Pumba Game Reserve for our safari
and I will refuse to leave until I spot the "Big Five".
I may also come home with a pet giraffe.

Here is a one minute video about the reserve I'll be exploring.
Every time I watch it I get giddy.
And so hooray!
~my countdown begins~

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A Hootie Hoot said...

Sounds like you are going to have a great time! Hope you get to see the big 5 and fulfill your dream!

Found you through the I Love My Online Friends hop! Following you now! Would love if you'd follow back!

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