Thanks A Lot, Oprah

2 absolutely enormous things are happening this week.
The SOL tests start tomorrow
 the last Oprah show will premiere. 
How will I ever make it to Friday?

I mean seriously~
Didn't Oprah know this would be a really stressful week?
That I'd be counting on her to keep me sane?
How could she leave me hanging on Thursday and Friday without a life lesson or an Aha Moment?

And never mind enjoying the shows at the beginning of the week either.
Because all I'll be thinking about during the 2-day star-studded spectacular,
is that when those 2 shows are over there will only be the final show left.
And then clearly I might as well start Wednesday's show with tissues, because it is the 
last show EVER 
and I've tried to act like this isn't really happening.

So basically Oprah has already let me down in advance for the whole entire week.
After all I've done for her.
I watch her show
I subscribe to O
I press the like button on her Facebook wall
 I promote Season 25: Behind the Scenes on OWN (Sundays @ 8!)

And yet in a time of great anxiety, when all I need is a little
when you know better, you do better
I always knew I was destined for greatness
Please Welcome! ToMM CRRuiSSZZZE!
she goes and ends the freaking show.

Well all I have to say to that is Thanks a lot, Oprah. 

(Call me and I'll forgive you.)
(who are we kidding- I love you.)

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