Waiting on Spring

Spring has sprung and not a moment too soon...
as in I thought I just might lose it if it didn't get warm. 
2 weeks ago when I left for work and finally felt the sun on my face, I was instantly lighter. 
Happier. Stronger. Free.
I felt like I might as well have been sleeping for the past 3 months in comparison to the happiness I felt, 
and that happiness has since bloomed into full on elation.
Spring is finally here!
Now, I know this might sound dramatic, but I am not a winter person is the understatement of the century.
I spend my entire winter waiting on spring.

Things I do throughout the winter:
take hot baths
drink hot tea
wear fuzzy socks
impatiently wait for it to get warmer
curse while outside in the cold
curse about going outside in the cold
curse about taking my dog outside in the cold
impatiently wait for it to get warmer
bundle up, go to work, make up a lie to my students about why there's no outdoor recess, come home, immediately change into enormous sweatpants 
(well, I do the sweatpants part all year round), 
watch Oprah, eat, sit under an electric blanket, shiver, look up pictures of warm places on the internet, impatiently wait for it to get warmer, and
plan as many trips as I can to get the heck out of here until April.
Thank God for skiing, or I just might go insane.

But now that it's spring, you can't get me inside! 
All I want to do is explore, ride my bike, grill out, garden, walk Kenzie, swing on my hammock and plan springtime extravaganzas.
And in the past few weeks I've done a pretty darn good job of squeezing in as many outdoor adventures as possible. 
 Not to mention I also need to tell you about my 28TH BIRTHDAY, my trip to Palm Springs, the Race for Hope, and all of the awesome projects I've been doing with my students!
But for now (because it's Mother's Day and I can't be late due to gabbing) here are just a few of the sights from my past couple weeks...
It's also springtime in my own backyard! 

...and sometime last week, just as my daffodils and irises started to die, a little something else started to peek through the soil...

...a reminder that the days of wishing for warmth and staying inside are long gone for now.
Which is all I've wanted for months...as long as the sweats can come with me.Photobucket


Meagan said...

Beautiful flowers! & I love fresh strawberries!

Anonymous said...

Lovely iris! Nice travel photos.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous flower images. I especially like the purple iris. Happy Macro Monday!

Scott said...

Nice photos. You have some very nice flower shots.

I found your blog link for Monday Macro over at Lisa's Chaos.

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