Birthday Girl

Tomorrow my sweet Kenzie Dog turns six years old, so of course I have to dedicate a post to how awesome and hilarious she is.

Fifteen Things to Know about Kenz

1. She is a doggie model. 
She doesn't actually model for a living, but she thinks she does. Her hair and makeup is always perfect, and I often look over to see her modeling for a crowd, like this.
2. When she gets really excited, she breaks into her Crazy Run.
The Crazy Run is her type of manic running in which her ears fly up and down and her back feet can't keep up with her front.
It can be seen on the beach, in the snow, or on any hardwood floor where she is being chased, and it is hilarious.
3. She specializes in yoga, and by that I mean she will balance on 3 legs and lean all the way over to one side in order to get her inner thigh scratched. 
4. She is loyal. When I'm out of town, she acts like she likes other people and then drops them like a bad habit when I get home. She stays right by my side at all times.
(And did I mention she's also a doggie model?)
5.  Girl knows how to eat, and if she had her way she would eat all.day.long.
She especially loves cheese.
She can literally decipher the difference between the crackling of a cheese wrapper and the sound of any other sort of wrapper, and will come running from far and wide to sink her teeth into some.
6. She's a hip-hop dancer. 
Like I mentioned before, if I act like I'm going to scratch her inner thigh, she'll lift up one of her legs and point it out straight. But then if I switch and act like I'm going to scratch her other thigh, she'll drop the original leg and lift the new leg up. She will literally switch back and forth and back and forth and do a little boogie.
It may be her most hilarious skill.
7. She is the cutest, softest, snuggliest dog I've ever met. She loves her morning rub down and will basically roll over for just about anyone who is willing to give her a good scratch.
8. She sleeps right up against my stomach and she snores like a champ.
And though we start out the night lying parallel to each other, she always manages to wind up sprawled out exactly perpendicular to me and takes up an impossible amount of space in the bed.
9. She has a very high IQ and has developed a new way to get me near her treat jar. She'll squeak her toy and act like she wants to play to get me off the couch, and then she'll run around while I chase behind her, stopping and sitting right in front of her treats.  
The first time she did it I just burst out laughing and thought clever!
10. She barks and wags her tail at the same time when she sees other dogs- she is excited to say hi, and yet she doesn't realize that the sound coming out of her mouth is warning other dogs to stay away.
11. She loves going on walks and will bow her head down when she sees me with her leash so that it's easier for me to hook it to her collar.
12. She is a dog park snob. She literally wants nothing to do with any dog in a dog park, and has perfected a lip snarl to let the other dogs know that she thinks she's too good to be there.
13. She loves riding in the car and going for boat rides.
Her favorite thing to do in the car is sit on my lap in the passenger seat and stick her head out the window.
She loves this so much that I even roll the windows down in the winter for a few minutes so she can get her fix.
14. She makes me laugh every single day and I don't know what I'd do without her. When I'm happy she wants to play, and when I'm sick, she knows it and will lay by my side and guard me for hours. She's my girl. And she is, without a doubt, the best dog I could have ever hoped to call my own.
15.  She's happy... 
and she shows it.

Happy Birthday to you,  my Sweet Kenzie Girl!
I love you so much.


asj said...

SO sweet and great pictures! happy birthday kenzie girl! :)

Nicolasa @ {My}Perspective said...

Aw! What a sweet post! Great photos of your pup! Happy Birthday Kenzie!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kenzie from your sister Roxy!

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