Excuse My Language

Last week my brother came to school with me, and we were sitting outside together talking during recess.
My student came up as we were discussing the class play.
Below, an excerpt from the discussion.

Miley: We're putting on a class play?!
Jason: Yes.
Miley: What is it called?
Jason: I don't know yet- I'm going to write it. 
Miley: Oh.
Jason:Why? Do you want to be the star?
Miley: YES!
Jason: Ok, well I'll need to see your acting skills. 
Pretend you just got bitten by a Deer Tick. 
Ready? Go.

Miley: WaitHuh??!? What's a Beer D*ck?!

I. About.Died.

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Our Beaten Path said...

LMBO! That was cute! :)

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