Glaring Oversight

 For the tens of millions of you who read my blog once a day week in search of the truth a reason not to work out...
I have a confession to make:
I am the perpetrator of a glaring case of journalistic oversight.

The issue has just been called to my attention,
(please refer to the subtle comment following the post in the link below)
and I can not wait another moment to give credit where credit is due.

In my overwhelmingly popular March 7, 2011 post entitled
Fresh (and Deliciously Healthy) Spring Rolls,
I failed to mention that it was
the-one-and-only-Big Girl
who in fact taught me to create these angelic, I'd-take-'em-over-diamonds-anyday spring rolls in the first place. 

Yes that's right ladies and gentlemen~
It was Oscar night and I arrived at her house, stomach rumbling.
and there she is, in all of her glory, chopping vegetables with a grace I've never seen.
and before I know it we're soaking and stuffing and rolling and cutting and
spring rolls fit only for a post on such an exclusive site as
Garden Patch.

So a big shout out to my modest best friend, for the spring rolls and life in general:)
You're hilarious.

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