P.S.~ I Love You...

...and San Diego- you're not too bad yourself!

Why don't I live in California?
Why doesn't everyone live in California?
It's hot, it's sunny, it's close to the ocean and the mountains, you can camp (or ski!) in the middle of January, AND, it's scenic and beautiful!
If I didn't want to tell you about my spring break vacation so badly, I'd be packing my bags right now!

It's been 6 weeks since my California trip (can you tell it was SOL season?!) so I wanted to make sure I got this one down in the record books before another second passed.

San Diego & Palm Springs, CA
4.15.11-4.23.11 Nights 10-17

We planned a California spring break this year instead of our usual Key West digs, because our beautiful family friend Katie was getting married in San Diego.
Being the reasonable people that we are, we thought we'd better spend the entire week in California and, post-wedding, head to the Palm Springs sunshine.
(Thank you, Katie!!)

Katie is a class act.
She is the 3rd daughter of my mom's best friend, Wanda.
And our mothers wove a common thread around our clans before Katie and I were even born.
We've grown up together~
Our families have grown up together.

Katie got married outside at the beautiful Hyatt Regency Mission Bay.
The sun was shining down on all of us, especially Katie and David, and it was a truly joyous occasion.
We spent our evening at the reception dancing, laughing, and relishing in our time with friends.
While lying in our hotel room before heading to Palm Springs, I thanked my mom for having a friendship like the one she shares with Wanda.
One that's lifelong and encompasses both our families.
Because you can't pay for this kind of love.
and only a few people know you from birth.
and to have found a big, extended family in the Mitchell brood is priceless.

Congratulations to you, Katie and David~
I know you'll make each other laugh through all of the wonderful years ahead.
After the wedding weekend in San Diego (also full of sea lions, pool time, and my new found love of paddle boarding) it was on to Palm Springs for a little R & R.
We rented a house for the week and couldn't have loved it more.
There's such a difference in a house opposed to a hotel room.
We felt like natives, like we really belonged there and could come and go as we pleased.
And let me tell you~ Palm Springs is divine.
The weather is hot, but dry, with a zero percent chance of precipitation.
Literally zero.
We ate delicious food, rode a revolving gondola above the clouds, and relaxed at a luxurious mineral spa.
It was just the break I needed to gear up for the stressful work weeks ahead.
The perfect Spring Break hideout and a definite must return.

Thanks for a great week, California!
You haven't seen the last of me.


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