Thanks, Dominos & a Little ADD

I am all over the place right now.
I got home from the beach less than an hour ago and already I have made and scrapped immediate plans to paint a dresser, hang pictures, clean the kitchen (this one never wins out) and organize my closet.
And yet each of my ideas flows into my head and then instantaneously out.
So I have settled on uploading pictures from my trip to the beach, which wasn't even on the original list of choices I gave myself.
Welcome to five minutes of life inside my brain!

(Ok so literally I got distracted after I started this post yesterday, which is ironic considering I was writing about not being able to stay on task.)
It is now 24 hours later, and I have two quick things to discuss with you guys.

1. Today I discovered that I am not the only person in the world who makes a certain set of remarks as I pass through double doors~
When a person holds 2 doors for me, one right after the other, I always say 'thank you' as I pass through the first door and 'thanks'  as I walk through the second.
To me, this just feels right.
Two 'thank you's seems repetitive, yet one 'thank you' and a 'silence' feels awkward.
So I do the thank you...thanks.
But I've always wondered what everyone else says.
So today I made sure to listen up as I exited my local Panara.
I held two doors in a row wide open for a gentleman, and low and behold if I didn't get a thank you...thanks.
So now my research is complete.
I'd say that the behavior of two subjects is enough to draw an accurate conclusion.
You can take my word for it that this is the polite way to handle a two-door exit.

2. Have you ever played Mexican Train Dominos?
I ran out and bought it two years ago, the day I read in US Magazine that Ashton and Demi love to play.
I had envisioned sitting around with my friends at a huge dining room table, laughing and playing dominos like celebrities.
But this didn't work out for 3 reasons:
1. Playing Dominos isn't that funny.
2. At the time of the purchase, I lived in a one bedroom apartment with a kitchen table that seated four.
3. My friends and I couldn't figure out how to play.
There was a time when I invited people over just to sit with me and reread the directions.
And time after time we got stuck on what exactly the Mexican Trains had to do with the whole Dominos thing.
Maybe this brain teaser is what keeps Demi looking so young.

Cut to a few months ago when one of my students asked me if I knew how to play.
No! But I've been trying to learn for 2 years!
And so I brought in my game, he made a copy of his directions, and he taught me to play during indoor recess.
And let me tell you- playing against an eight year-old on the linoleum floor of my classroom made me feel like a real movie star.
I still haven't played enough to determine whether any strategy's involved,
but being a celebrity now, I don't really care about that.

Let me know what your double-door rule is, and if you're a Dominos connoisseur yourself :).

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