Shutter Love: Wind

Things are absolutely crazy here.
The official countdown 'til summertime  is 4 1/2 days, and yet I literally have a list of 15 parties/showcases/award ceremonies/projects to plan/host/organize/grade.
(Fellow teachers: Can I get an Amen?)
This year I seemed to have overestimated the amount of time I would have between the SOLs and the end of the school year, and thus have planned a few too many fun activities.
I spent my morning listening to my students present their 'How To' projects.
I learned everything from 'How to' windsurf to 'How to' take care of a bunny
(I shant be getting one.)
I spent my afternoon flinging egg containers from the roof of the school (click here if you think I sound crazy), and tomorrow I will host the Ancient Greek Olympics sometime between voting for the SCA, and attending the band and strings concert.
Not to mention the 25 memory books I'm in the process of making for my students, the End of the Year Class Party I'm planning, and the End of the Year Showcase I'm hosting for my students' parents, in which my students will perform a skit that I am not yet done writing.
Sooo pretty much I need to get back to work!

When I saw this week's Shutter Love theme was Wind, I knew just the picture I had to post.
I took it last week of Kenz while we were on a boat ride in Annapolis.
This is Wind Blown Happiness.

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How cute! I love the perspective!

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