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There are 12 days of school left.
and 12 days of school = 18 days until Rehoboth Beach,
and 29 days until the D-12 reunite for Jocy's wedding, 
and 31 days until I go on an African Safari.
~This Just In~
I. Love. Summer.

Tonight we're hosting a going away party for our great friends Priya and Todd.
I have been trying to avoid the fact that they are moving to Cleveland.
I guess the best way to do this is not to host them a going away party, but I couldn't help it.
So anyway, I need to get back to start swiffering, or the Big Mama will pass out upon arrival to our house.
But I just need to cover a few quick things.

1. My parents celebrated their 39th wedding anniversary on May 20th!
We double dated with them and ate at Chart House on the water and it was awesome.
39 years is a heck of a long time to like someone
 and yet somehow they've managed to and have thrived together now for 4 decades. 
thank you.
2. This year we celebrated Mothers Day @ my cousin Shana's house and the whole gang was there.
We now have two great-grand babies in the family.
I am officially obsessed with them, and their parents.
(Happy Birthday, Summer!)
3. Ohhh do I have a story for you about Memorial Day weekend.
It starts in with hitting a deer...
and ends with riding home in a tow truck between Chris and Zyndall (the tow truck driver) for 
100 miles.
Just you wait.

4. I am still on my quest to own a boat.
and I have received approximately no donations since I opened my 
Buy Jessica a Boat so she Stops Talking about Wanting a Boat fund.
However, we did get to spend all of Monday at my Aunt and Uncle's house on the water in Annapolis.
and I would take spending time with them over owning my own boat any day.
Unless of course I could do both :)
5. My brother and I went to the ballet last night.
We saw Don Quixote at the Kennedy Center.
And in watching it I realized the one reason I could never be a ballerina, besides the fact that I have no idea how to do ballet:
My A.D.D would interfere too much with my being a member of the company.
These gals get to dance maybe once every 10 minutes, and then have to stand frozen on the stage and watch the prima ballerina shine.
All the while holding their arms up in a ridiculous arch.
And you know the whole time they're hoping she falls and twists her ankle so they can swoop in and steal her part, if only to get a chance to run off stage like she does and rest their arms.
So, no, I shant be a ballerina anytime soon.
I'd need a Crossword puzzle on stage to pass the time.
And a costume that holds my arms up.

(and yes, Big Mama, I will now Swiffer.)

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