I'm Back! ~Blog Scare

Ok. So I'm sitting in the Milwaukee airport unable to get on my blog, when suddenly it hits me: had I not renewed my domain name?!
I frantically search through my emails and find a notice from three months ago stating that I needed to do just that.
Three months ago.
And now I suddenly couldn't get on because the leniency period had expired.
Along with other scoldings that made me feel severely irresponsible, the email mentioned that all of the data from my blog may now be lost.
(cue hyperventilating)
Now please remember that I am the most sentimental person alive, as well as the most sensitive, and then try telling me that my entire blog has disappeared in the middle of an airport.
Bless Chris' heart, I proceed to board the plane and cry for the next 20 minutes straight.
(while everyone passed our seats,wondering what the heck was wrong with me.)
He managed to calm me down for the remainder of the flight, and as soon as we landed I went into Save Garden Patch mode.
A week and a half, countless phone calls, and hours of formatting later, I am back in action and beyond thankful.
Because this blog is a keeper of so many precious memories.

So the moral of this story is: make sure to set your account to automatically renew your domain name each year, and be sure to update your account should your credit card information change.


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