Admit It

Teaching + The beginning of September =
1. I can't stop my mind from racing. Ever. In the car, in the shower, in the hallways, in bed, Ever. 
Which leads me to...
2. I can't sleep. 
and on the off chance I do nod off, I wake up in no time to the same old tune~ books need labeling. papers need copying. bins need organizing. students need something to learn.
ahhh. lessons need planning.

It is 9:45 pm and tomorrow is Back to School Night.
I drove home from work an hour ago with a list a mile long of things to get done, but as soon as I saw my sweatpants it was over. 
So now I'm eating Pho and starring off into space, because, well,
I'm just going to go ahead and say it~
I don't know how to function without Oprah.
And function at the beginning of the school year without her?
Forget it.
Last week I was reduced to watching Matt Damon on Regis & Kelly.
And don't get me wrong- I really like Regis and Kelly.
And I like Matt Damon for that matter.
But they're no Oprah.
And days like today call for the One and Only.
Which is why...

I signed up for Oprah's 'Life Class' that begins in mid-October. 
There- I said it.
I have no idea what it is and no idea what it entails. 
All I know is that the commercial said it's going to be "the closest thing she'll do to the Oprah show".
I had to register for it, because there's only enough space in the class for one million of her closest friends.
Which now means I am one of her closest friends.
But we all knew this already.
(Now don't be jealous, Gayle)

So that's not so bad, right?
Except that I may or may not have also checked the box indicating that I'd like her to send me the complimentary Oprah Life journal that's being advertised to go along with the class. 
And the box that enters me into a contest to meet Oprah in California.
But that's it (for now), I promise.


Lessons From the Wild

1. Don't chew with your mouth open.
 2. Look alert.
Even if you don't know what the hell is going on.
 3. Only nap in the great wide open if you know that you can kick everybody else's a**.
4. Protect your children~
And glare at anyone who makes too much noise about how cute they are. It'll give them a big head.
5. Stick by your mama~
Even if she's old and wrinkly.
6. Don't listen to the critics who say you can't work horizontal stripes.
7. Take time to do your hair. 
You look fierce with a blowout.
8. Smile for the camera. Even if you're down to your last 2 teeth.
9. Maybe cankles aren't so bad~
At least they're sturdy.
10. And no matter what~
Don't. Forget. to Strut.



OBX 2011

Well, my classic end-of-the-summer week spent in one of my favorite places on earth ended unexpectedly early this year because of Hurricane Irene.
We had just finished dinner on our fifth night in paradise, when we got a message that we needed to begin evacuating our house.
But hello?! We were about to play Taboo?!
We sat together, stunned and wondering if this was actually happening.
But after a healthy dose of skepticism about safety and meteorologists, we decided we better error on the side of staying alive, and got to packing. 
But oh, how we squeezed in a whole week's worth of fun into our 5 days there.
We hiked Jockey Ridge dunes, spent hours at the beach, celebrated my cousin's departure to college, played copious amounts of Bocci ball, had a crab leg feast, relaxed by the pool, fed the seagulls, and laughed 'til our stomachs hurt.
but all this goes without saying~
this is life in the Outer Banks.
Not even a hurricane could spoil our vacation.
It was, and always will be, my favorite place to salute 
sweet summertime.

*Thank you to Big Mama, who avoids the camera like the plague but is at the heart of this and every adventure. 
You outdid yourself again. xo

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