She Said YES! (and to the Dress!)

Yesterday was a big day.
Yesterday I helped my best friend find her wedding dress.
Over the past few weeks I have been with her as she's tried on many different dresses.
And while at the time I thought I loved more than one, they all faded away yesterday, the moment she tried on her dress.
I knew it was hers because I immediately started crying.
And while I won't say too much about it, 
(her fiance will read this immediately when he finds out he's featured~ can you say #1 Blog Fan!)
I can tell you that it is absolutely stunning.

Stephanie got engaged about a month ago to wonderful Jack.
And as soon as I heard the news (and stopped screeching into the phone) I went into full on planning mode. I mean this is what you call 
We may or may not have spent hours over the years researching diamonds and analyzing hypothetical weddings just for fun.
So the fact that I get to help her plan her real life wedding is just awesome.

Stephanie and I have been best friends for 25 years, and no, we are not eighty years old.
We met at an audition when we could hardly tie our jazz shoes, and little did I know, I would never be the same.
We have spent the majority of 25 years in separate states and even countries,
but our friendship and loyalty to each other have stayed constant and unwavering. 
She's my girl.
Next month she will move North to be with her guy.
And that, I know, will take some getting used to.
So for now I will revel in the excitement that is helping her plan her dream wedding.

Last month I had the pleasure of taking their engagement photos.
And while it is easy to capture the love between them, it was actually hard to make them stop laughing :).
Here are a few of my favorite shots.
Jack and Steph~ I am so excited for you, and for all of the fun and laughter that will come with planning your amazing wedding.

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Brittany said...

LOVE the engagement pics!!! GREAT job, Big Girl!! xoxo

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