Ho, Ho, Holy One week 'til Christmas!

Christmas is a week from today~
 Cue the choir of angels!
 (and by that I mean, shove-Santa-back-up-that-chimney~
I haven't finished shopping!)
I digress...

Is it just me, or has it been a while?
This time of year the days just fly~
I can't believe 4 weeks have passed sine we had a good chat.
Far too long, in my opinion.

The past four weeks have been great. I celebrated a wonderful, laughter-filled Thanksgiving, made a quick, weekend trip to Williamsburg, hosted a successful holiday wine tasting, and celebrated five years with my guy. 
Add that to hours and hours of meaningful, creative discussions with my students, and you have yourself one happy girl.

I am currently on the train back from New York to DC.
And may I just say, this is the way to travel.
No checked luggage, no security, and what do you know, I can walk right onto the train with a bottle of water.
Yes please!

We went to New York for the weekend for our annual holiday extravaganza. 
And, as usual, we soaked in all the sights.
We meandered down 5th Avenue to scope out shiny window displays, squeezed ourselves between thousands of people for a shot of the Rockefeller tree, and oohed and aahed at the carolers who convened on several street corners around the city. 
I even got a last minute ticket to my brother's show this morning, and got to play the part of proud sister.
All in all, a pretty fantastic weekend.

Now, New York City is just one of my Mandatory Holiday Traditions, and I am gearing up for my big week ahead in which I will do things like drag bring my family to the National Christmas tree and make inspire my brother to design prize-worthy gingerbread houses. 
Before they start complaining, I'd like to remind everyone that if it weren't for me, we wouldn't keep up half of our Christmas traditions.
And I am at least ten percent sure that my family would miss every single one.

So here's to the final holiday countdown and all of the magic of this time of year~
For now, I must get back to my last minute, online very thoughtful Christmas shopping.

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