Every year, when I think about what it is that I absolutely need in order to consider it a successful New Years Eve, the list is short and sweet:
Drag queens, Mechanical bulls, Shirtless men, Go-go dancers. 

The decision was simple: we were headed back to Key West for New Years 2011 :).
This year, instead of staying at our beloved Pier House hotel, we opted to rent a house half way down Duval St. 
Not only was it cozy and beautiful, it had the most amazing rooftop deck that looked right onto the New Years festivities.
We spent our days riding bikes, exploring, laughing and reading, and by reading I mean that I read the entire Hunger Games trilogy in the six days we were there.
We also kept our tradition alive of watching the last sunset of the year.
We rang in the New Year together on our deck, cheering wildly and throwing candy off the balcony.
And when the clock struck midnight and 'Sushi' descended her pole, I was grateful to be with three of my favorite people in the entire world (not including the drag queen).

Thanks for another great vacation, Key West, and
HAPPY 2012 to everyone!!

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