Bionic Big Kat

Two weeks ago my dad got both of his knees replaced.
As in the things that hold his entire legs together.
As in they were taken out of his body and replaced with new, robotic versions.

My dad's knee pain has plagued him for years.
It was so intense that your average person would have succumbed to it last century.
But we're talking about a guy who once pulled his own tooth out because it ached. 
He's strong as an ox and about as close to Popeye as you can get in the muscles department.
But sometimes even Popeye decides he's had enough.

The night before the surgery we had dinner as a family, and we all felt apprehensive about how everything would go.
 But the 5 hour surgery couldn't have gone smoother.
And after three excruciating days in the hospital, the new and improved Big Kat was ready to start the painstaking process of rehabilitating at home.

For 40 years my dad has gotten up before sunrise and gotten home after dark.
He has worked his tail off to provide the most wonderful, joyous life for our family.
It is humbling to see the physical proof of his labor and love for us manifested in two 10-inch incisions. 

I can't recall a single time in 40 years when my dad has missed even two consecutive days of work.
So as you can imagine, six weeks of downtime sounds just plain crazy.
But he's two weeks in and handling it with such grace. 
He's doing his exercises, watching Maverick DVDs and enjoying deluxe, home cooked meals courtesy of my mom. 
Which brings me to another point.
My mom.
Doctor Peggi.
World's best caregiver~ Selfless and kind.
My dad may or may not get other body parts replaced just to bask in the warmth of my mom's love for him.
I am just so proud of them both~
him for having the courage to take on a major operation, and maintaining his sanity day after day, and her for being his steadfast companion through it all~
almost 40 years of marriage and still stronger together.

So I dedicate this post to my dad's new knees, and all the places they'll take him.
 Because nothing in the world sounds greater than my Bionic Big Kat taking on new adventures with me~
Pain free.

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lovemyC's said...

Great post! Just brought tears to my eyes! Glad he is doing well!
~ Ashley

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