For the Love of Cartwheels

Sooo.... a few weeks ago I wrote a post called Obsessed, in which I listed the top 10 things I currently love.
For Obsession #6, I zeroed in on my love of Adults Behaving like Children,
specifically my love of my new Adult Beginner Gymnastics class in which I am mastering such skills as running into vaults at high speeds.
Yes, well, I'd like to retract this statement of love. 
Or rather, not retract it, but add a slight disclaimer to it before I get sued.

Stay-Off the Tumble-Track.
And here's why...

There I was at gymnastics class a few weeks ago.
I had successfully made my rounds on the vault exercises when I headed over to the tumble track
(read: the Trampoline of Death)
We warmed up with pike jumps and straddle jumps, and I felt really cool because I was leading the line.
The next exercise was my specialty, the cartwheel.
Well, let me clarify- the cartwheel is my specialty on the FLOOR.
NOT, it turns out, on a bouncy trampoline.
Without fear I went for the whole shabang~ the running hurdle (whatever the heck that is) into my cartwheel, and in that same instant my right leg may or may not have grown a full two inches in length.
Because as my entire body flung itself in a rapid motion forward, my right leg decided to go in a rapid motion downward and absorb the bounce of the entire trampoline.
It literally felt like the back of my right thigh had snapped straight in two.

And do you know what I thought?
This is just awesome~
I am that girl who gets hurt doing a cartwheel at her Adult Beginner Gymnastics class.

YES I probably shouldn't have gone into my running hurdle with so much gusto.
And YES Katie and I were late and missed the stretching portion of the class because we were drinking.
But a cartwheel injury? Come on~ that's embarrassing. 
And because it's embarrassing I didn't tell anyone but Katie.
And because I didn't tell anyone but Katie, I ended up participating the rest of the hour in exercises such as leg raises, handstands and lunges (which feel great when it feels like your leg's dangling by a thread). 

When I got home that night I joked to Chris that I had sustained a small injury at gymnastics, but from the look of horror on my face he gathered that I was actually in severe pain. 
He immediately ran to the store and purchased every form of Icy Hot paraphernalia in the entire establishment, which, by the way, is reason 1,374 that I'm marrying him.
I went to bed thinking that my leg would be fine in no time.

Well, cut to a few days later when I am sitting in a restaurant with my mom and my brother and finally just burst into tears.
The pain from the back of my leg had spread through my hips and thighs and felt like a horrible, dull ache that was just radiating from my bones. 
I realized that all of the Icy Hot patches in the world weren't going to cure my cartwheel injury, so the following Monday instead of going to gymnastics (sad face), I went to the doctor to get it all checked out.
After poking and prodding and X-Rays and blood tests, the doctor told me that my overzealous acrobatics had actually torn one of my hip flexer muscles.
You know, the muscles you use to do, well, everything.
No wonder I was in so much pain~ and all for the love of cartwheels.

After taking 2 weeks off from gymnastics, I returned this past Monday with slight reservation and just sat out of any activity that I thought might aggravate my leg.
Before heading over there, Chris and I had the following conversation:

Chris: Jess, be really careful tonight. 
Do you know the number one injury among athletes in their sport

Me: What is that?

Chris: Re-injuring themselves after returning too quickly from their initial injury.

Me: So you're sayinggg gymnastics is my sport!

(I mean, clearly.)
The moral of my story is if you are an adult and you want to behave like a child, put the wine glass down long enough to stretch out your muscles, and get as far away from a tumble track as humanly possible.
Then, and only then, is it safe to let your inner gymnast shine.




Last Friday afternoon my guy officially pulled off the-most-amazing-proposal-ever!
He came into my world, swept the whole room off our feet, and surprised me in the greatest way possible.
I was totally and utterly duped!

 I will attempt to give you the shortest version of the story I can manage, but I apologize in advance if I go off on a few tangents!

This past Friday at school we celebrated Dr. Seuss's birthday. Last Tuesday, my teammate Sarah told me that she had a parent coming in to read a story to her class on Friday afternoon, and asked me if my students and I wanted to come over and hear it. 
Thinking absolutely nothing of it, I accepted her invitation.
Sarah and I integrate our classes often and I thought she was just being really nice~
Little did I know that Chris had contacted my Vice Principal and Sarah weeks ago 
to start planning the best proposal ever.

At 2:30 pm on Friday afternoon my students and I made our way across the building to Sarah's room. As soon as my students were settled, Sarah said that she just needed to go get the guest reader~ that she thought SHE was in the office, and so I spent a few minutes aimlessly gabbing with our students about our favorite books by Seuss.

A few minutes later Sarah walked back in and said "Ok! I am going to introduce the guest reader now!", and as you can guess, CHRIS walked in.
As in My Chris.
As in HO---LY---- CRAP.
He had on a gorgeous suit and my favorite tie, and come to find out he had even gotten his shoes shined that morning. 
In other words, he looked smokin'.
And the only thing going through my head was OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG.

As he came in the front door, my mom, my other teammates, my principal and my vice principal (who got the entire proposal on video!) snuck in the back door of Sarah's classroom, and 
when I turned around and saw their faces I literally could NOT believe this was happening.  

My students, meanwhile, were super excited. 
They have met Chris before and were thrilled that he was the guest reader.
I however took one look at him and immediately burst into tears. 
He then told the students that he had come to read a very special story about himself and Miss Robinson.
Cue another set of OMG's.

Sarah turned off the lights and Chris' story appeared on her Smartboard~ a 15-slide Dr. Seuss-Style rhyming poem that he had written about our life together (complete with pictures!) from the night we met up to now. 
 The story ended with a rhyme about marrying me, and then he got down on one knee and

I mean HELLO!!!?!!

The next few minutes were a blur of hugs, celebration and an overwhelming sense of joy~
I don't think either of us believed that he had actually pulled it off!
And in front of some of my favorite people in the entire WOLRD!
The excitement in the room was palpable.
He had officially made me the happiest girl in the whole entire world.

The icing on the cake is that an hour after the proposal he whisked me off to Colorado for a weekend celebration. 
We skied, went dogsledding, and announced to everyone near and far that we had just gotten engaged.
I have probably called him my fiance 100 times in the last six days.
And it feels so  awesome.
I love him.

The outpouring of love and support we've been shown has been absolutely incredible. The greatest blessing has been to share our happiness with people we love so much, so thank you to so many of you for making my fairy tale a reality.
 My heart is full beyond measure, and I am forever grateful.

So we will slowly start planning our wedding sometime in the next few weeks. But in the meantime if you're looking for me, I'll be on Cloud Nine :).
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