28...While it Lasts!

Tomorrow I turn 29.
Twenty NINE.
As in 9 years into my twenties and one year until I'm thirty.
Holy Cow.
I can remember being at lacrosse practice the day before I turned seventeen and freaking out over getting "older". So what am I supposed to do with 29?!
Be thankful for it, that's what!

On the Eve of my 29th birthday, I realize that I never recapped my twenty EIGHTH birthday, and figured I better do that in the 10 hours I have left before I say goodbye to my current age!

I rang in 28 with signs around my house (some traditions never get old), followed by a great day at work where my students made me feel like a total princess.
That night my guy took me to an unbelievable dinner in Georgetown, where we feasted on  delicious seafood and homemade beignets.
The following Saturday night I celebrated with family and friends at Bobby McKey's Piano bar, and it was a total blast. We sang and danced the night away, and the pianists even pulled me up on stage and serenaded me in front of everyone. I literally could not stop laughing.

We finished the weekend with a low key Sunday Funday celebration and grilled out with my parents and some of our close friends in the sunshine.

I can say one thing for sure: the love I felt in turning 28 years old has carried me all the way through to 29.
For that and for all of the amazing blessings of the past year, I am beyond grateful.

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