Little Known (Wedding) Facts

1. It is impossible to find a wedding venue in the DC/Metropolitan area that is not either a.) cost prohibitive b.) ugly or c.) booked until sometime in the early 22nd century.

2. I have already had not one, but two slight wedding planning meltdowns, both brought on by my aforementioned findings.

3. I seriously thought I would have my pick of the litter when it came to Saturday evening dates in the spring of 2013.
Dead wrong.
I haven't found a location with Saturday availability from April through June. 
Which leaves me with only one question:
When are these people booking these dates- middle school?

4. I judge every venue on whether or not I will be able to hang up fairy lights somewhere on the premises. I should probably be concerned with things like guest count and catering menus. 
But for me it's all about the lights.
5. I have been engaged for six weeks and have not yet made one measly decision. 
Well, now wait, I take that back!
I actually have made one very amazing decision, which is that my oldest brother Jason is going to officiate our wedding!
My kind, genuine, loving, hilarious brother, who has rooted for our relationship from the early days and supported us every day since, will lead us through our ceremony and straight into wedded bliss.
How cool is that?!

6. One of my very best friends happens to be an extraordinarily talented wedding planner, and I may or may not drive her straight into the arms of a case of wine here before we know it.
Today alone I have emailed her 5 different venue considerations and talked to her on the phone for at least 30 minutes.
(did I mention that I was also at her house last night?)

Having said this, we are talking about the person who got me through sorority recruitment, easily the most traumatic set of events in my life to this point. 
I mean certainly planning a wedding can't hold a candle to thinking that someone might circle all of the fat on your body with magic marker?

7. The other day Chris and I made a list of things that are really important to us for our wedding, because we figured that once we got a few key things in place the rest would come easily.
This may be true if our list didn't sound like this.
"All we want is...
an awesome venue
a fantastic band
great food
a wonderful photographer
beautiful flowers (this was my addition)...

It's always really helpful to realize that you've listed the entire wedding.
I mean what else is there to think about- the favors?
Fine, then I want cute favors, too! 

8. Though I may not have a venue or a date or a dress or a...don't rub it in... I am ever cemented in my engagement world on Cloud Nine. 
I feel blessed every single day to have met my guy, and just the thought of marrying him gets my heart in a tizzy.
I know that when it comes right down to it, I will really only need a few things on my wedding day~  my family and friends, my guy by my side...
and fairy lights.


Nicole Nesheim said...

AH! Wedding planning is so exciting and stressful at the same time; it's great that you have such a good planner to help :) Let me know if you ever want to chat DC vendors; all of ours were in the city :)

teacher girl said...

I'm pretty sure that fairy lights are the most important thing at a wedding besides the groom. Good luck with your search!!! Can't wait to hear more....

Anonymous said...

You will have an amazing wedding, I know it. We've been engaged since December (wedding in April of 2013) and we've only made 3 major decisions....venue, date and photographer. And when I listed out what's important - the whole wedding was included, too.

Kelly-Grier Ferguson said...

Great post, I am sure whatever you decide will be wonderful!! Keep the wedding posts coming xoxo

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