It's not just in theory anymore...
We are really getting married!!!!!
With seven short minutes to spare before losing the hold we had placed on our date, 
we took the exciting leap of booking our venue~
the beautiful Oxon Hill Manor!

It's got it all. 
It is newly renovated and every last one of the rooms inside the manor home is gorgeous.
The gardens are beautiful and meticulously landscaped, the Potomac River is in the distance, and there is even an outdoor tent for me to hang my fairy lights.
I am over the moon.

I am also quickly becoming aware of the fact that I will need to be much more decisive throughout the wedding planning process than I usually am.
It literally took everything I had to make this one decision, and yet I know that there are 150,000 more decisions to make right around the corner.
How daunting (and EXCITING!)
At least I have already made the best decision of all:
to marry Chris!

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