The Best Gift

Today is my parents' 40th wedding anniversary.
Forty Years.
My life from birth until now, plus eleven more years
That's how long they've been married. 
It's just incredible.

I have never wondered how much my parents love each other.
Because I have known it in my heart every single day of my life.
It is unconditionally.
Maybe not always the easiest kind of love, but the kind that's deep and supportive and unwavering.
The kind that teaches their children how to love.
And that lesson is the best gift they could have ever given me.

In honor of my parents' anniversary, my brothers, Chris and I threw them a surprise party last night.
 And although there were a few times this past month when I thought we might not pull it off, we managed to keep it under wraps and the party was totally perfect.
It was a fantastic evening full of laughter, family and lifelong friends, and I think my parents could feel just how loved they are by so many.
Which is exactly what the world's best parents deserve.

Congratulations, BM and BK!
I love you so much.

Thank you,Sabrina and Jane for helping us plan and set up for the party, and to all of our wonderful family and friends for bringing delicious food and the best company:). 
We did it!

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