My classroom is a zoo.
For the past 4 days I have been responsible not only for 23 rambunctious eight year olds, but also literally animals themselves.

That's right:  it's Been a HUGE week in Miss R.'s class.
This past Tuesday and Wednesday my students and I became the proud parents of eight baby chicks.
We impatiently waited 20 long days for them to hatch, and oh how worth the wait it has been.

The entire hatching process from start to finish was totally surreal.
It is slow and steady and completely and utterly nerve racking when you feel like you're the one responsible for their survival and you have no idea what you're doing
I was a nervous wreck. 
But nature is incredible and aw-inspiring, and everything worked out just as it should.
This past Tuesday was the 20 day mark, and it was Monday night at my house (yes, I took the eggs home every night from day 16 on) when the first chick poked a hole in its egg and started faintly chirping her hellos into the world. 
It was incredible. 
And I was so nervous for her. 
What if she needed help? What if she got stuck in there? What if the incubator wasn't warm enough for her?
I hardly slept a wink. 
I checked on that egg every 2 hours, waiting for some sign that I had done a good job nurturing these eggs.
And low and behold around 6:45 on Tuesday morning, I walked over to the incubator and saw this:
 She made it! 
And she was chirping and encouraging her brothers and sisters to come out of their eggs, too!
 By Tuesday afternoon, my students and I had welcomed 2 more chicks, and we actually got to watch one as it made its way out of its shell and into the world.
That was unbelievable.
The process of getting out of their shells is so utterly exhausting for them, I can hardly believe that a single chick makes it through the journey.
 I took the three chicks home with me that night, and took the opportunity to have them all to myself and to have a full on baby chick modeling session.

I also discovered that Kenzie would literally eat baby chicks if given the chance.
(Don't worry- she was not given the chance.)

 Then, when I got to my classroom on Wednesday, five more chicks had hatched!
 I mean come on~
They are so absurdly cute!
 And soft...
And funny...
 And hungry!

They are also really adventurous!
We named this little guy Indiana Chirps, because he's always waddling away from the group and getting into some sort of trouble.
 Can't you just see him plotting some sort of escape?
 I am obsessed with these chicks.
And I for sure will start crying when we have to give them back to the farm where they came from.
But I wouldn't have traded this experience with my students for anything.
I'm just so grateful to have gotten the opportunity to hang out with the coolest chicks in town. 
And yes, I think they'd say the same about me :).

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