Make it Count

How does summer fly by so quickly?
Here I am packing for our annual last hoorah in the Outer Banks, yet I literally feel like I said good bye to my students two weeks ago. 
How is it almost time to go back?

I have often wondered if I could ever get sick of summer...would I ever reach a state of boredom doing whatever I wanted all week?
Judging by my nauseous belly as I think of returning to routines and schedules, I think the answer might be no. :)

But if it must end, I can feel confident that I have had a VERY full summer. I have made the most of every day, both far away and close to home, and have soaked in the sunshine (in my SPF 50!) as much as possible.

Here is my Summer in Pictures...

We kicked off the summer at our usual retreat, Rehoboth Beach, DE!
We saw Rascal Flatts, Sugarland and Aerosmith in concert

We went sailing and paddle boarding on the Potomac, and tubing in West Virginia

We lost power for a week but stayed cool at my parents' house :)
We spent 4th of July weekend in the Northern Neck with friends and family

We spent 3 amazing days in New York City, where we saw my brother's one man show, found my wedding gown(!!) and met Matt Lauer

We flew to Wisconsin to see Chris' parents and spent the weekend playing golf, swimming, tubing and riding ATVs

Sabrina and I took an incredible road trip through Sweden!
(Another blog post will be dedicated to this trip)

Chris and I celebrated the one year countdown to our wedding (!!)
The D-12 reunited and reveled in our time together and with our TWO newest additions
I crossed #30 off of my Life List when we went camping!!

We celebrated my Grandmommy's 90th birthday!

I met with wedding caterers, chose my flowers (ahhh!!!) and narrowed down designs for my Save the Dates
I watched every Olympic event I could get my hands on
 I went to Richmond to hang out with my friend Whitney and her unbelievably adorable kids

And all the while my girl Kenz was, of course, along for the ride...

So here's to making summer count...OBX, I'm coming for ya. 

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