There's a positive side and a negative side of owning an iPhone when you're like me and love taking pictures. 
The positive side is that the iPhone's camera is much better than my old Blackberry's. 
As in, you can actually make out the image of what you've taken a picture of.
The negative side is that, while better than a Blackberry's, it still doesn't hold a candle to a DSLR.
However, it weighs about ten pounds less than a DSLR, too.
Consequently, lately I have left the Big Guy home when heading out on full day adventures; the thought of my aching shoulder too much to take. 
So I end up relying on my lil' ol' smartphone to capture my stories, and every time I snap a shot I think, 'I should have brought the Big Guy'.
Well, in walks Instagram to my life, an app that works wonders on grainy iPhone pictures.
Thanks to this app I have the ability to capture my memories on days when my shoulder needs a rest.
Here's an Insta-Look into my past few weeks!



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Jenny said...

The source of the photo doesn't matter; your talent is what always shines through!!!

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