All the Right Reasons

Two weekends ago I attended the wrong Homecoming for all the right reasons.
I spent the weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia in celebration of UVA's Homecoming, but more importantly in celebration of one of my longest friends, Cara. 
She graduated from UVA a few years ago and invited us to a girl's weekend in Charlottesville.

The weekend was perfect.
Five members of the world renowned D12 reunited for a weekend of laughter, exploration, and nonstop talking.
As in I didn't have a voice for a good three days following the trip.
We tailgated, we hiked, and to top it all off, the freaking LEGWARMERS were playing IN Charlottesville while we were there!
(what are the odds?!!!)
So we also spent an entire night singing and dancing to 80's music.

There are few things as wonderful as an entire weekend basking in friendships that are seventeen years strong.
It might not have been my Homecoming weekend, but when I'm with these friends,
I'm home.


Our Brightest Stars

This past weekend my parents threw Chris and me an engagement party that literally took my breath away.
The evening was one of the best of my life thus far.
Most of the brightest stars in our lives came out to celebrate from all over the country, and we were surrounded by 75 pillars of our strength and joy.
We laughed all night, ate delicious food, and sometime around midnight the kitchen turned into a dance floor.
And hour by hour I soaked it all in.
Here I was, celebrating with friends and family from Wisconsin, North Carolina, New York, Georgia, Boston, Maryland, DC and Virginia thinking How did I get so lucky.
I am grateful.

It is with a heart full of gratitude that I thank my parents, and my friends Sabrina and Lisa for throwing an engagement party beyond our wildest dreams.

Our house looked amazing. 
My mom and Sabrina spent countless hours organizing the house and making the most beautiful decorations. 
As in hand-made paper heart lanterns lining the entire driveway.
And hand-made candles covered in lace illuminating every room.
It was simply exquisite.
I literally couldn't believe my eyes.

And while pictures absolutely cannot do it justice, here are a few snapshots we got throughout the night.

From the bottom of our hearts we thank everyone who made our engagement party so special. 
We love you very much, and we'll meet you on the dance floor next August :).
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