All the Right Reasons

Two weekends ago I attended the wrong Homecoming for all the right reasons.
I spent the weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia in celebration of UVA's Homecoming, but more importantly in celebration of one of my longest friends, Cara. 
She graduated from UVA a few years ago and invited us to a girl's weekend in Charlottesville.

The weekend was perfect.
Five members of the world renowned D12 reunited for a weekend of laughter, exploration, and nonstop talking.
As in I didn't have a voice for a good three days following the trip.
We tailgated, we hiked, and to top it all off, the freaking LEGWARMERS were playing IN Charlottesville while we were there!
(what are the odds?!!!)
So we also spent an entire night singing and dancing to 80's music.

There are few things as wonderful as an entire weekend basking in friendships that are seventeen years strong.
It might not have been my Homecoming weekend, but when I'm with these friends,
I'm home.

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Nadia h. Mercer said...

ooooh, i just got goosebumps. Very beautifully stated Jess. Love the pictures too! And I love you <3 <3 <3

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