Life List

My Life List… So Far
  1. Earn my Masters
  2. Go on an African Safari 
  3. Crush/stomp on grapes in a bucket to make wine 
  4. Learn to play tennis
  5. Take hip-hop dance classes
  6. Teach Advanced Academics 
  7. Go to a vineyard
  8. Wear an ice hockey uniform on an ice rink
  9. Drive up the coast of California
  10. Go to the White House Easter egg roll
  11. Play golf
  12. Take a road trip
  13. Travel to all 7 continents (except possibly Antarctica)
  14. Earn my National Board Certification in Teaching 
  15. Go to the Grand Canyon
  16. Take a photography class
  17. Become a wine connoisseur: proficient in names, types and brands of wine WORKING ON IT :)
  18. Train for and complete a triathlon
  19. Go to Las Vegas and see Celine Dion in concert
  20. Get certified in Pilates and/or aerobics
  21. Complete a ropes course
  22. Stop biting/peeling my nails
  23. Go to Alaska and/or New Zealand
  24. Take a hot air balloon ride
  25. Go to Niagara Falls
  26. See a live taping of Ellen
  27. Learn how to play one difficult song on the piano
  28. Fly a kite
  29. Join a community sports team
  30. Go camping
  31. Go to TopGolf
  32. Climb another mountain 
  33. Take a Road Trip
  34. Watch the ball drop at New Years in New York City
  35. Go to Greece
  36. Go to Ireland and Scotland with my family
  37. Take a flying trapeze lessoN
  38. Have a boat and a house on a body of water
  39. Go dogsledding
  40. Adopt dogs from the pound who otherwise would be put to sleep
  41. Hike Cinque Terre
  42. Go to the Olympics


  1. Become a better communicator
  2. Meditate/ take yoga classes
  3. Read books that I love
  4. Be a good friend
  5. Inspire children to love learning
  6. Forgive anyone I have anger towards
  7. Treat others the way I would like to be treated
  8. Explore, travel, love, always feel the sun shining on my skin
  9. PLAY
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